Evanston Youth Hockey Association (EYHA) is a premier hockey program in northern Illinois offering all levels of youth hockey from Mites through High School levels.

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Evanston Hockey

Frequently Asked Questions


How old does my child have to be to play and what is required?


  • Evanston Hockey offers programs to develop hockey players through a four-step process, from lacing up your skates for the first time to taking the ice as an Evanston Hockey high school player and beyond. Click here to see the four-step program.


When does the season start and end?

  • House hockey starts in September and ends in March.
  • Travel hockey starts in August and ends in February.


Are there any breaks during the season?

  • There is typically a two-week break over winter break for House and Travel hockey.


What are the season fees and what is included?

  • House hockey fees for 2016-17 season are $750 for Mites and $800 for Squirts, PeeWees and Bantams; fees include pre-season house camp registration, practice and game ice, and 1-2 jerseys and socks (that kids keep) along with a welcome kit.
  • Travel hockey fees for 2016-17 season start at $3,566 for Squirts with discounts available for goalies and multiple siblings. This includes practice and game ice, coaching fees, off-ice training, set of jerseys (rented), alternate jersey to commemorate club’s 50th anniversary season (keep), socks (keep) and one tournament entry fee along with a welcome kit.


Is financial aid available?

  • Yes, it is available for those who demonstrate need in both House and Travel hockey. The dues adjustment form can be found on the website. It should be completed and forwarded to . The Evanston Hockey Finance Committee will consider all requests.


How many practices are there per week?

  • House hockey practices are 1-1.5 hours per week (typically on the weekend).
  • Travel hockey practices are 2-4 hours per week in multiple sessions (typically weeknights) and have a weekly (off-ice) session at Precision Multisport.


How many games/tournaments will my child play during a season?

  • House hockey teams play 15-25 games and possibly 1-2 local tournaments.
  • Travel hockey teams play 30-40 games, including one local and two out-of-town tournaments (typically within reasonable driving distance of Chicago and will spend the night at a hotel – 4-6 nights total for the season)


How much are tournament fees and does my child have to participate in them?


  • Evanston Hockey covers the cost of tournament entry fees for one tournament per team. Additional tournaments for travel teams are paid for by the team, typically $100-$150 per player plus hotel and travel expenses.
  • Tournaments are a required part of travel hockey. All players are expected to attend tournaments with their teams.


Who are the coaches?

  • House hockey coaches are volunteers, many times parents. 
  • Travel hockey coaches are paid coaching staff.


How are multiple teams at the same age level divided up?

  • In House hockey, every effort is made to create competitively balanced teams (as mandated by NSYHL).
  • In Travel hockey, team selections are made exclusively by the coaching staff after tryouts in consultation with the Hockey Director. The professional travel hockey coaches conduct a careful evaluation based on a set of criteria to determine the team that is best for skaters and the team. Teams may be divided into “1” team and a “2” team or by birth year.


What is the talent level within the team?

  • House hockey talent varies as teams are divided evenly.
  • Travel hockey talent may be more closely matched since teams are divided into a “1” and “2” team or by birth year (major and minor teams).


Are “cuts” made after tryout?

  • In House hockey – not typically. If number of players outnumbers available roster sports, however, then preference will be given to Evanston residents and returning players.
  • In Travel hockey – potentially. We try to avoid cuts if possible. Players are carefully evaluated and placed on the appropriate team to ensure their continued development and enjoyment of the game. When cuts do occur, we will work to ensure that the player can play at the appropriate level.


What conference/league is Evanston Hockey in?

  • House teams play in the North Shore Youth Hockey League (NSYHL).
  • Travel teams play in the Northern Illinois Hockey League (NIHL); 8U Mite travel* teams play in the Chicago United Hockey League (CUHL).
  • Boys High School teams play in the Illinois High School Hockey League North-Central Division.
  • Girls High School plays in the Metro Girls Hockey League.



If I want to volunteer, who do I contact?

  • Volunteering is critical to the operation of our non-profit association, and we have many opportunities for volunteers to make a difference in our organization.
  • If you want to volunteer, please contact and we will get you in touch with our volunteer coordinators.


Where can I buy Evanston Hockey spirit wear?


Who can I contact to ask more questions?


  • You can contact Evanston Hockey Director Del Morris at or the Evanston Hockey President and board members through this form.


* The Evanston Junior Wildkits offers travel hockey to Mite players (birth years 2009 and younger); for information about the Junior Wildkits Mite travel hockey program, go to http://www.juniorwildkits.com.